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Convert2Media has traditionally been an invite only network. We pride ourselves on the quality of traffic and targeted advertising we provide. We work tirelessly to ensure you, as a publisher, have the tools and resources to achieve success. In return, we ask that you take the application process seriously and provide us with relevant information as to what you hope to accomplish with Convert2Media, how you generate your traffic, and last, but certainly not least, how you found out about us or who suggested you apply. It should only take about 10 - 15 minutes depending on how fast you type and can recall information.

Every Publisher Application is reviewed manually by our compliance team prior to contacting you. We will only contact those applicants that appear to be the right fit for our network. Don't be offended by our sometimes harsh approach to application approval. We mean well and just want to keep out the fraudulent affiliates that end up hurting CPA rates for all the rest of the hard working, honest publishers.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

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